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What Makes a City Green?
Toolstack: Krita, webscraping (BeautifulSoup, Selenium)
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Challenge: The National Library Board invited participants to tell stories about the local environment as part of a comic-creation workshop series. I wanted to create an educational yet engaging piece on nature as a social issue.

Outcome: I created an eight-page dataviz comic that uses design and art to deconstruct topics like urban greening, natural heritage, and deforestation.

Role: Original comic story and illustration, data curation

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2020 Census Scrollytelling
Toolstack: Svelte, html/css/javascript, Krita
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Challenge: When Singapore released its 2020 census data, I wanted to dig into facets of life that may be overlooked or taken for granted, beneath the usual numbers. This also gave me an opportunity to learn a new web framework, Svelte.

Outcome: A mini scrollytelling piece that explores the current reality of gender roles, marriage, and work in Singapore.

Role: Dataset curation, design, interactive visuals

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Data Viz Style Guide
Toolstack: Figma
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Challenge: At a fast-moving startup, we needed a way to ensure visual consistency while prototyping across data interfaces.

Outcome: I created a guide on data viz fundamentals like color use and chart patterns. It enabled the team to focus on developing visual narratives without worrying about common design decisions. The guide also served as a launchpad for data literacy and accessibility conversations.

Role: Research and design

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Visual Celebration of Nightingale
Toolstack: Python, webscraping (BeautifulSoup, Selenium), Canva, Inkscape
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Challenge: The Data Visualization Society wanted a commemorative piece for their publication's first anniversary and reached out to me.

Outcome: A dataviz comic to share the publication's origins and milestones, instead of a traditional prose piece, as a nod to the practice of data visualization. The work also revealed some key metrics for the first time, such as the number of new authors and quantified topic coverage.

Role: Data collection, analysis, storyboard, design, illustrations

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Popular Wedding Songs Visualized as Cupcakes
Toolstack: Python, R, Canva, Inkscape
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Challenge: For a local data storytelling competition, the task was to use open data and highlight the human experience hidden within the numbers, on the theme of love.

Outcome: Analyzed popular wedding songs with data from Spotify API to examine if people were drawn to particular traits. Visualized top songs' musical features as cupcakes. Only solo-creator submission that won a prize; commended for creative design.

Role: Concept, data viz, and dataset creation/analysis

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Market Segmentation Using Social Media Signals
Toolstack: Python (Networkx), Tableau, D3.js

The nature of work is confidential, but I can provide a general description of what I did

Challenge: To identify multi-market audience growth opportunities for the client, a global entertainment brand.

Outcome: Used Twitter data and Facebook analytics to develop audience personas, including lifestyle and content preferences.

Role: Dataset creation/initial analysis, internal dashboards, and final data viz

My Story

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I enjoy helping others cut through the noise to get what they need.

While some may find it overwhelming, I'm at my best when I get to straddle between strategy, data analysis, and creative design and coding.

But I started out in a different field: My time in international public policy saw me working under tight deadlines to sort out positions and briefs on issues like shipping's effects on climate change and the marine environment. Later, still in the public service, I moved into strategic planning, where I used research to advise senior management on key trends, among other things.

I discovered data visualizations and storytelling from outlets like Fivethirtyeight and the New York Times, and I loved the hybrid nature of the work.

Eventually, as my interest grew, I made a triple career switch to the private sector, a different industry, and a new role in tech. But I found that my skills in strategic communication continue to serve me well, even as I pick up new ones in data science, design, and web development.

I'm also an advocate for diversity in tech, supporting Google's Women Developers Academy as a mentor. I previously served as the editor for She Loves Data, a nonprofit, to share stories to uplift and inspire women in tech.

Outside, you'll find me rock climbing, sipping craft beers, and hunting for new absurd comedies.

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